Creative Organizations

Coopérative Méduse is made up of ten artistic and cultural organizations dedicated to artistic research, production, and presentation. Member organizations work both independently and together, each contributing to the global reputation of Quebec culture and to international artistic exchanges. The cooperative’s production spaces serve a broad community, hosting and presenting hundreds of artists from Quebec and beyond every year for workshop stays and short and long term creative residencies. Member organizations put on over 300 public activities, enjoy the support of several thousand members, and reach an estimated audience of 50,000 people every year.

International Biennial of Contemporary Art

Julie Andrée T., Mouvance: entre trépasser et dépayser
© 2014  Julie Andrée T., Mouvance: entre trépasser et dépayser, Manif d’art 7, Cláudio Belli. All Rights Reserved.

Manif d’art

Major biennial of contemporary visual arts on the Canadian scene, Manif d’art – The Quebec city Biennial presents in Quebec City and its area the work of nearly 100 artists originating from every horizon. Approximately 30 cultural and artistic groups from Quebec City and worldwide collaborate in this must-see artistic manifestation held between May and June every two years. In addition to the exhibitions, the event offers a host of activities evolving around a central theme, unique to each edition. Manif d’art is meant for the initiated public as well as uninitiated visitors who enjoy a vast section dedicated to the discovery of contemporary art.

As a non-profit organization, Manif d’art is also and a recognized charitable organization. Its primary mandate is to promote investigative and experimental art by showcasing cutting-edge major trends in visual art from Quebec, Canada and abroad. Addressing a varied public, the organization establishes contexts for non-conventional creation and exhibition, thereby fostering enquiry into fresh issues within contemporary art.

Manif d’art brings together artists at different stages of career. Its activities offer them innovative platforms for creation and exhibition. Examples include Manif d’art - the Quebec city Biennial, Première Ovation – Arts visuels, Arts médiatiques et Métiers d’art, exhibitions outside the country and Prix Videre en arts visuels. Through its multi-pronged approach, Manif d’art endeavors to stem the tide of artists leaving the Quebec City region.

Opening hours

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