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Méduse is made up of ten artistic and cultural organizations dedicated to artistic research, production, and presentation. Member organizations work both independently and together, each contributing to the global reputation of Quebec culture and to international artistic exchanges. The cooperative’s production spaces serve a broad community, hosting and presenting hundreds of artists from Quebec and beyond every year for workshop stays and short and long term creative residencies. Member organizations put on over 300 public activities, enjoy the support of several thousand members, and reach an estimated audience of 50,000 people every year.

Film event producer

Louis Pelletier talking with the public during the event Family Film Day at Quebec city
© 2015  Louis Pelletier talking with the public during the event Family Film Day at Quebec city, Maelstrom Saint-Roch, Julie Pelletier. All Rights Reserved.

ANTITUBE presents film and video events in Quebec City. Founded in March 1995, it held its first public activity in April 1996.

ANTITUBE favours different kinds of images: those that come from elsewhere, from another time, or even from here but have not been released or in the limelight and are surprising. Recent independent cinema, video and electronic image productions as well as film and video history from here and abroad nurture the programming.

This programming has developed along two interconnecting lines. The first presents independent productions from Quebec and elsewhere, and is concerned with recent work, arranging the essential meeting of artists and the public. The second explores past styles and discourses on the image in movement. It looks at older forms of production and celebrates cultural diversity through the temporal and geographical difference of artistic expression coming from other countries.

ANTITUBE presents the changing transmission, reproduction and projection technologies to the public in a social environment. It collaborates with cinematheques, videotheques, independent and commercial distributors, public and cultural organizations, representatives from abroad, festivals and many other sources.

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640, côte d'Abraham, Québec (Qc) G1R 1A1 Facebook : /antitubecinema Twitter : /antitubecinema @antitubecinema Instagram : /antitubecinema @antitubecinema